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Building your own website is fun and while it can save you a few dollars, in the long run, can end up costing you valuable time and dollars in lost business.

The Rebel Digital team work with business owners and managers all the time, not only rebuilding or building websites but working with them on all their digital shopfronts. If you are going to invest the time building your own, then make sure you check off the points below.

We build professional websites from just $1000 and just a 25% deposit will get you started. So if you've got better things to do with your time than worry about response times and SEO, let us help.

The 5 Things you have to do right when building your own website.

Getting your domain name right - the first time!

Your company’s virtual address to the world is your website, so finding the right name for your brand is crucial. Incorporating of SEO, simple spelling and brand identity into the domain name leads to higher visibility in search engines and this will drive more traffic to your website.

If you’ve been clever and created a business called “Mates for Mates”, but you’ve designed it to it’s “m8s 4 m8s” you’ll not only have to buy the domain name M8s4M8s.com.au, you’ll also have to buy the matesformates.com.au domain name as well. If you are already in this space now then the solution is easy if the domain name is available as you can put a domain redirect in place. If you own plumberscrax.com.au then make sure you own plumberscracks.com.au as well! The idea of a creative company name might sound good to you and might look good on your company signage, but if you’ve got a hard to spell or understand domain name, SEO is going to be a nightmare.

Need help with your domain name registration? We can help you out. At Rebel Digital we register domain names on behalf of our clients, organising hosting and help with redirects. For more information, just ask!

Responsive Design that can adapt to multiple devices

The number of internet users who are accessing the internet from mobile devices or different types of devices is higher than ever before. Who doesn’t whip out their mobile phone and search up a business on a daily basis?

Your visitors should be able to have the same web experience whether using a desktop computer or a smartphone so instead of using fixed elements make use of a combination of flexible elements to adapt to all screen sizes. The more responsive your website is for different users, the more loyal they’ll be towards your website and your business.

A responsive website is good for SEO, Without search engine optimisation, your website will not rank in search engines burying it on the second or third page of Google (Or even further back!). You need your business website to rank on the first page so that your target customers can find you easily.

Testing your website for all screen sizes is easy, so if you want us to help, we can run a 10 point check on your website free. Contact us now for your free 10 point check.

Blog page

Marketing experts continue to emphasise the importance of blogging for digital success. Simply posting a regular blog on your site will improve your Google rankings. Just remember to use high-quality content optimised for keywords and phrases and your blog can dramatically improve your Google ranking. An on-site blog helps keep customers informed about the latest products, company events, and industry-related information. A great way to connect with them, especially if your posts encourage readers to interact with your brand and set you up as an expert.

Can’t write, why don’t you set yourself up as an expert in your field using video. Our content writers, can take your blog content, rewrite is and even convert your blogs to video. Find out how here.

Clean, SEO-Friendly Code

It is critical to have a clean, SEO friendly code whether you are developing new web pages or optimising an existing one, even using WordPress Templates. You can increase the overall return on investment by taking the time to improve your site’s code.

Part of the process to achieve this is keeping your web code in HTML format only. You will have to make JavaScript and CSS external issues since the search engines are able to read HTML only. If you add anything else apart from what they can read, search engine crawlers may leave out parts of your site. Coding on a website plays an important role in terms of optimisation, ignoring it is essentially the same thing as constructing your home on an unstable foundation.

If you don’t optimise your website for search engines, then you’re likely to be buried in a google search. It’s one thing that doesn’t cost a lot of money and there’s ways we can help you to increase your SEO organically. For more information, just reach out to our team at Rebel Digital

Custom Functionality

When your customers are searching online for a product or service, and land on your website, you got to be prepared and ready to provide all the information they need and it needs to happen fast. If it takes more than a few seconds to load your website, your customers will be out the door and off to your competitors faster than you can say “can I help you?”

Your website needs to be responsive and you need to be able to provide customised functionalities such as booking systems, forms, payment systems and sale or catalogue information. These will enhance your business branding and your site will remain relevant to your customers.

A couple of other noes no’s to consider!

  1. Use quality graphics. If you can’t take your own pictures, consider good stock photographs
  2. Watch the loading time - if your website takes time to load, your customers will be gone in a flash
  3. Make sure you have a high-quality png logo, so you don’t get those ugly white boxes behind your logo
  4. Spell check your content
  5. Optimise your content for keywords to assist your SEO

Building your own website is fun and while it can save you a few dollars, in the long run, can end up costing you valuable time and dollars in lost business.

Getting your website, under control and looking great is what our team does best, so before you build your own, or if you’ve already started and there’s no end in sight, talk to us first.

"From the initial consultation to delivery of the finished product, working with Jacob and the Rebel Digital team has been a highly positive experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to build a great, customized website for a reasonable price.

Throughout the building process, the Rebel team maintained regular contact and always ensured that my expectations were met in terms of design and practicality, from the graphics we used to the content writing. It was a great decision to use Rebel Digital’s website service and I’d recommend that you use them for your digital projects."

- Grant Blacker / Koldtek

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