Need a brand new website that’s better than your competitors?

So what type of MONSTER PROBLEM are you facing in your business?

We’ve seen a lot of BASEMENT BARGAIN MONSTERS rear their ugly head over the past few months. You know that cheapie website that fell off the back of a truck and really doesn’t cut it against your opposition?

Maybe you’ve been seeing the DIY MONSTER in your dreams after spending hours and hours dropping and dragging your own website into fruition.

Whatever that monster of a problem is that is holding you back, it could be stopping your business from moving ahead. If you want an antidote to your monster problems, you come to the right place. You’ll always get the right advice and we won’t be cutting corners.

We’d rather work on getting you the best website, you can sleep at night and to help you do that we’re offering our customers the chance to get a new website and pay it off over 12 months. Our website package starts at $3630 (that’s just $302.50 per month including GST) and includes a modern wordpress designed site using stock photos or your photos.

PS Just because we’re offering you the chance to pay it off, doesn’t mean its the PAYMENT PLAN MONSTER. They are the ones that hold your domain name and NEVER give it back until you PAY PAY PAY and continue to keep PAYING them) That’s not what we are about. You own the URL and pay off your website over 12 months or sooner.

We’ll work with you on setting up your website with Google Analytics so you can track how many people are visiting your site, your business email address, contact forms and pages detailing your products and services.

SPECIAL OFFER: We’ll brand align your business Facebook page for you at no charge using the same styling from your website when you book your website with us before 30 November 2020!

The DIY Monster

Summoned when attempting a website build by yourself. “There were heaps of YouTube tutorials, but why were they all so long?”

The Indecision Monster

Summoned when changing the colour scheme of your website to match your business card, then redesigning your logo 3 months later. “At first, I loved it…”

The Bargain Basement Monster

Summoned when haggling for website prices. “I thought it was weird when they didn’t have a business address”

The Complexity Monster

Summoned after adding the 10th tab to your homepage. “Trust me, people LOVE information!”

The Payment Plan Monster

Summoned when paying a web builder via payment plan. “It’s been 4 years, why am I still under contract?”

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Do you need help with writing SEO content for your website? Your website needs to work for you. At Rebel Digital we can also tailor your package to include SEO management and digital marketing strategies.

Please tell us what you would like more information about;

  1. SEO management
  2. Google Search (Adwords)
  3. Google Remarketing Campaigns
  4. Facebook ADVERTISING
  5. Content writing for your website
For more information about our MONSTER DEAL where you can pay off your website over 12 months just fill in the details and we’ll organise an account manager to contact you.

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