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What is the one thing that will kill your website and lose you customers?

This may come as a shock, but the one thing that will kill your website is TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

Marketers call it CONTENT. And there’s FAR TOO MUCH OF IT. Consumers are demanding website builders get to the point faster. Everything is moving faster and faster and we all want results yesterday.

So here’s what you are doing wrong.

If a customer lands on you website and can’t get the information they need from the first page they are GONE. Gone out the door, faster than your employees once the clock hits 5! So let’s give them what they want. If you’re using your business website as a business card, make sure you have the content front and centre. If you have a current offer, make sure it is right there when your client hits your page.

Don’t try and SELL on a website. Your customers go to your website to get information:

  • About you
  • About your products
  • About your specials
  • Or your contact information

So have that all upfront and ready to rock. And make sure it loads fast.

If you want to know how to help search engine optimsation organically on your website, you can do that on other pages, write your blogs, but don’t do it on your home page.

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