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Did you know?

One in two Australians research online before they buy in store.

Many website template sellers will tell you that you can make a business website in a lunch break. Even if you do manage to make it, it’s probably more like an online business card rather than a website that actually sells your products and services Some companies even own your URL (domain name), do your hosting too. That’s great, but if you decide you want to move on, you can’t because you don’t own your website

One in two Australians research on line before they buy, so if they get to your website and they don’t find what they need in the first few seconds, they are gone (and most likely on your competitors website). Your bounce rate is a good indicator of people coming and going fast. Usually it’s because they don’t see what they want on the first page.

Our website builders and website designers can get your business on line fast. You own your own domain name and you can host it with whoever you want. (we can show you some options). We can build it to your specifications and help you with your SEO. We’ll even hold your hand and make any small changes you need in the first 12 months free of charge.

Professional Websites from $220* Per Month.

Our Core Website Package

Five Web Pages

Five  professionally designed and optimised web pages. This includes; Your home landing page, About us page, your services Gallery of your work or Terms and Conditions page and Contact page.  *This can be changed depending on individual needs.

Five Stock Images

If you don’t have your own high quality photos, we can provide up to 5 stock images for your website.  These may be used for backgrounds and banner images. Great photos make or break a website, so we don’t use low quality photos or pixelated images on your website.  

Contact Form

Your contact form contains full functionality and  includes name, email, phone, subject, It can also contain drop down fields, date picker and message field options. This can be changed based on client needs.  We can also provide links to your social media sites.  *monthly spreadsheet exports are available on request

Domain Redirection

Once we have access to your existing domains (extensions of the same domain or even different domain names) we can redirect and repoint these to one primary website or domain for consolidation   When available, we suggest that our clients purchases their domain with both the “.com” and “ .com.au” extension. *domain name purchase is not included in our website package but is available as an optional extra.

In-site SEO

Our websites are search engine optimised from the ground up.  This allows us to provide better “Ethical SEO” using meta tags, content titles, XML sitemap and more.

Analytics Integration

We can provide site wide Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Integration to provide you with your new website statistics. *Account setup not included in the package.


Our web designers work one on one with our developers to create your website.  Once we’re happy with it, we’ll provide you with the draft, so we can work together with you to make it “perfect”!


One year of Australian website hosting is provided with this package.
Hosting will then be billed annually at cost.