7 Ways You Can Make More Money With Google AdWords

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Thousands of small, medium and large business organisations are using Google Adwords for its efficiency when it comes to paid online advertising. Google search results are highly competitive nowadays, especially if you are competing with giants like Amazon that have an endless marketing budget fueling their advertising. A recent ACCC investigation into the power of companies like Google and Amazon came to the realisation that it is almost impossible that any Australian companies will be able to compete with these modern-day giants. You may not be able to compete with them but you can take advantage of their powerful reach.

If you are aiming to reach the first page of Google, even with excellent SEO it may take months or even up to a year. This where Google paid Adwords comes in handy. It is Google’s advertising service that allows businesses to display their ads on a Google search result pages. Your customers are already looking for products or services using Google so by creating a paid Google Ad, you can make sure these local customers will be able to find you online through Google search at the top of the page.

Here are the top 7 ways to grow your business with Google Adwords

  1. Reach your local customers
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    Using Google Adwords various targeting options, you can easily target the right audience for your small business. This targeting option is really effective if you have a local store and your goal is to target customers to certain zone only. (your local area)

    Google Adwords has a “geo-targeting” feature that allows you to target a specific local audience be it city or region. You can benefit by displaying your ads only to people in that area. It helps you reach your desired customer without wasting the ad spend on those who are not in your area.

    Aside from having the option to choose a targeted location, you also have an option to exclude the locations where you don’t want your ad to run. By doing this, you can target more precisely with lowered cost and improved ROI.

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  3. Increase brand awareness
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    Every business owners who are marketing their business online wants to be found on the first page of Google search results. Using Adwords is the best choice if you are aiming for your product or services to get discovered by your targeted and potential customers in a short period of time.

    We all know that it is difficult to compete with established and settled websites on Google especially if you are a small business owner. Well, Adwords makes it easier for you to go collectively against top domains as the ads appear on the top of the search results. By having a sponsored layout, you can reach your potential customers every time they search for your product or services.

    Google Adwords will increase the visibility of your product or service in a short period of time.

  5. Reconnect with your website visitors
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    Google Adwords remarketing also known as retargeting, is a powerful paid search strategy that allows you to target and reach people who have previously visited your website by showing then ads across the web. In comparison to other paid search options, a remarketing technique has a higher click-through and conversion rate.

    Most users won’t convert on their first visit so by retargeting and remarketing your ads to potential customers that have already visited your website and expressed an interest in your product or services makes them more likely to convert. With remarketing, you can develop your audience persona based on who visits your website and the actions they take. You can use this information to tailor your marketing campaigns especially to them.

  7. Stand out from your competition
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    In the digital world, you’ll always have competitors that are constantly trying to steal your traffic. The competition is always tough no matter if they are running similar PPC (pay per click) campaigns or just doing SEO. The good news is, you have the option to outdo your competitor by using Google AdWords. If your competitor is using SEO (search engine optimisation) to rank first in Google, you can easily beat this by using a PPC campaign. You can outrank the organic search result and your competitors who are spending a lot of money on SEO. If they are using paid campaigns such as PPC, you can always outbid them and push them below. With this technique, your competitor is losing traffic and you are stealing potential customers from them.

  9. Achieve results faster than SEO
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    Using SEO is good for building brand awareness for your business. In order for Google to index and rank your business online, you need to provide your own website, landing page, blogs, shareable content and more in order to succeed. These components also help build up your business branding and credibility with Google and visitors.

    But this approach will take time and sometimes you may feel that the end result is barely noticeable. You need to provide a lot of quality content to improve your SEO organically and then you need to optimise it to help it be seen. With Google AdWords, you don’t have to rely on organic algorithms. By bidding with the right target keywords and setting up the right audience and demographics. Google will display your Ad where your target customers are hanging out. You clickable Ads will draw your target customers back to your website, resulting in more traffic and increase in ranking. You can then get a higher conversion rate without investing a lot of time.

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  11. Provide detailed traffic analysis
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    You need to monitor and measure your marketing campaigns at all times to keep your campaign efforts positively aligned. With Google AdWords, you will have access to your campaign’s detailed information as well as in-depth analysis and results.

    You can filter data such as by clicks, impressions, keywords and budget. You can also set and track your own goals based on the ROI, the traffic on your website, best-performing keywords, the potential sales and the qualified leads and then make improvements where it’s needed.

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  13. Increase ROI by mobile targeting
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    We know that mobile consumption of information and mobile search queries is growing exponentially each year. Mobile devices are evolving quickly with a growing list of capabilities and this provides a great opportunity for your business to use Google AdWords. By using mobile targeting, you can target the right audience at the right time. This is very important if you want to customise your ad text or extensions to grab your customers attention when viewing your ad using their mobile devices.

    If you want to experience the power of Google Adwords for your business, the team at Rebel Digital can help you. We can set up your Google Adwords account, get it working for you quickly. We can also assist with retargeting campaigns, Facebook advertising, creating responsive websites and set up your social sites and Google my business to help improve your SEO.

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