How local businesses can leverage Google Guarantee program

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In 2015, Google originally rolled out the Google Guarantee program as a beta test in San Francisco. To make sure that businesses had relevant insurance and that licensing requirements were met, they had to go through a screening process that included a criminal background check. In 2017, Google expanded the program to areas outside California including Canada and the UK and the program is still evolving today.

Google Guaranteed Ads is a service provided for Local Service Ads (LSA) to local businesses in order to help them build a trustworthy online reputation and provide their customers with the security they need when they are looking to use a respected local trades or service business.

The Google guarantee is an internet advertising game-changer and although it is still a relatively new concept it’s providing support for businesses that often struggle to find and convert customers using traditional methods or text ads. With Local Business Ads by Google, potential customers will see trusted professionals in their area positioned right above the traditional paid search ads when they enter a query. It will also show your licensed business number, contact details, hours, reviews and ratings.

What do Google Guarantee ads have to offer to customers?

The program offers customers using businesses that advertise with Google Guaranteed Ads, a guarantee that if they aren’t satisfied with the work done, Google may refund all or part of the amount paid for jobs booked through the service. The offer comes with a lifetime cap for coverage which is currently $2,000 in the USA, $2,000 in Canada and will be €2,000 in the UK.

The program coverage only applies to those services booked through Google’s Local Services. Add ons, new projects, damage to property and complaints regarding the cost of service are not covered by the guarantee. The responsiveness of the service provider and any cancellations are also not covered. In addition, all claims must be submitted to Google within 30 days of the service completion date in order to be valid.

What does Google Guarantee Ads offer local businesses?

A business in the Google Guarantee program can either receive calls or messages requests from potential customers who click on its Local Service Ad. The Local Services ads app sends an email and notification to the business informing it about its leads. After that point, it is in the hands of the business to convert the leads into customers.

The Google Guarantee badge

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Businesses who are enrolled in the program will have a Google Guarantee badge. Those with the “Google Guarantee” badge have been carefully screened and have paid Google to appear in these search results. The program can help your local business establish a great online reputation and increase customers’ trust knowing that you have been verified by Google and that there’s reparation if something does go wrong.

Increase in click-through rate

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The Google Guarantee badge has proven that users when they enter a query, are more likely to click on your ad. But interestingly, when a user clicks on Google Guarantee icon, they will be redirected to a new type of search, where they can find more qualified guaranteed service providers.

Also, note that Google review ratings are without a doubt the biggest contributing factor to a more positive CTR.

What are the eligible local services businesses?

In the United States, the program is open to a range of trades and services providers including plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, HVAC, carpet cleaners, garage door services and house cleaners.

In Canada (Vancouver and Toronto) and soon in the UK, currently, local services that are eligible to sign up for the program are the locksmiths, HVAC professionals and plumbers.

How to sign up for the program?

Local business owners can sign up to the LAS program by visiting Google’s Local services website. They just have to complete three simple steps or can call for free to get help in setting up the account.

Like most products, Google Guarantee Ads are not free. Once you get the leads through the program, it’s up to you to convert them into paying customers. We’re already seeing many businesses using PPC paying high lead costs, but are not set up to convert either on or offline.

At this stage the program is restricted to certain trades and service providers in the USA and Canada, but will soon be available in the UK and in other parts of the world.

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