E-commerce how to guide

A basic guide to add products to your online store.

How do I add products to my website?

1. Click the products button

Click the products button followed by the add new button.

2. Fill in product name.

3. Fill in product price

Click on the general button and insert product price details.

You only need to insert regular price and sale price if applicable.

4. Fill in shipping details (if applicable)

Enter product weight and dimensions.

5. Add linked products (upsells)

These are products that appear as the related products on the product page. (suggests what products the shopper may also like.)

6. Add product description

7. Set product image and upload file

Once file is selected and uploaded set as product image.

8. Set product gallery images

If you would like multiple product images:
Click add product gallery, upload chosen images and add to gallery.

9. Set product category

Select product category (if applicable)

10. Publish product

You have successfully added a new product. Please click the premalink to view.

How do I duplicate a product in my store?

1. How to duplicate a product

You can use this tool to copy a previous product in the shop.

How to temporarily remove or delete a product?

1. How to temporarily remove or delete a product

You can make a product a draft if you no longer want it to show in the store or you can select trash if you would like to remove the product permanently.

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