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Tactical Edge Hobbies

Action – suspense – comradery. These were the three key objectives that we focused on when building the brand video for Tactical Edge Hobbies. Capturing the epic scale and intensity of the Tactical Edge War Day wasn’t easy, but through a combination of drone and handheld gimbal footage, we were able to come up with a concept that reflected the intimate action, and enormous scale of the game field on the day.

Brand Video

Cabinets Online

In the manufacturing and fabrication business, having a high quality, dependable product is essential for development and growth, and showcasing this flare is just as important. Industry leaders in Australian cabinet manufacturing Cabinet’s Online were lacking the visual resources to emphasize that they have nothing to hide, and everything to show.
We took the time to understand their unique manufacturing process, and subsequently produced a video highlighting the key factors that set them apart from their competitors.

Brand Video


Koldtek is an Australian based vacuum refrigeration engineering company which combines the ingenuity and design experience of Keith and Grant Blacker, with high quality, trusted German mechanical parts. Grant needed a video representation of the brand which also showcased the reliability and integrity of his products. Using the testimonial style video presentation, we helped to solidify Koldtek’s online reputation which, in turn, helped them propel their digital presence beyond text and photos.