Tactical Edge Video

Brand Video

Campaign Type


Target Market

Males 25-54 years

Campaign Objectives

1. Create awareness of the regular event
2. Increase sales of gel blasters and ammunition
3. Increase enquiries and participation in future events
4. Create brand awareness for Tactical Edge as convenor of War Games and seller of Gel Blaster products

Insights & Solutions

An apocalyptic style video based on big Hollywood movie themes similar to Rambo or Terminator. Encourage the use of mono tone/sepia colours, drone footage, animated font effects and epic drum based music. A supporting radio campaign with a similar theme to promote war games and awareness of Tactical Edge Hobbies as a gel blaster sales outlet.

The Results

The video was shared on all clients social media, promoted via the RebelDigital Website and social media accounts and promoted across the Rebel FM Social Media platforms engaging thousands of followers and reaching an audience of over 10K.

Bloody great video and an extremely happy client!