Our Video Packages

My News Feed

When My News Feed launched in 2020, they sought the production of a short, social media video to effectively brand themselves in the regions they were looking to enter. This video was used as part of an advertising campaign running across Facebook, Instagram and digital billboards.


The brief was to showcase the cosmetic enhancement process from consultation to end result. The intention was to demystify the process of breast augmentation and give customers an understanding of the stages involved.

Paul Hill Realty

We’ve just recently created a beautiful brand video for Paul Hill Realty. Paul wanted to create a visual representation of his agency's dedication to excellence, which was an exciting task for us. We explored the facets that make Paul stand out from his competitors, and used a video testimonial to strongly convey the message.

Logan Food Trails

Producing this video series for Logan Food Trails was about more than just showcasing the beautiful sights and flavours that we experienced on our journey, but rather about telling the story of a food scene that – with the help of many dedicated restaurateurs and business people, has completely transformed in the space of a few decades.

Tactical Edge Hobbies

Action, suspense and comradery were the three key objectives that we focused on when building the brand video for Tactical Edge Hobbies.

Capturing the epic scale and intensity of the Tactical Edge War Day incorporated handheld gimbal footage, drone & two videographers on the ground for 8 hours on site.